Technology for a smart solar powered desalination

Off grid or grid tied, the patented innovation lies in the flexibility of the production for an optimized energy consumption, key element for a sustainable and competitive water production.

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Our vision

Climate change and population growth will double the demand for water by 2030 (UN). Nearly 3.9 billion people could run out of water by 2040 (OECD), foremost among them are the poorest.

Faced with this challenge, Marc Vergnet and Maxime Haudebourg created Mascara NT, now OSMOSUN, a company specialized in innovative water treatment using renewable energies, to produce fresh and affordable water for all.

The first phase of development led to the industrialization of OSMOSUN, the world's first solar-powered desalination range. Based on patented technologies, OSMOSUN offers a range of desalination units producing between 1 and 50,000 m3 per day using solar energy alone, and without batteries.

The meeting of two entrepreneurs - A virtuous vision for the future

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A dedicated multi skilled team

Our team of about thirty people gathers internally the set of skills required to address the multiple specific challenges faced for sustainable water treatment applications.

Key expertises and experiences

Industrial capabilities for designing, manufacturing and commissioning our solutions.

Holistic approach to challenges related to resources and the water cycle.

Engineering excellence in renewable energies.

Experience from development to delivery of turnkey projects internationally.

Expertise in the latest water treatment technologies.

Advanced financial engineering capabilities.

Team leaders in our company

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Maxime Haudebourg

deputy CEO

After a few years as a professor of electrical engineering and automation, I created, developed and managed a design office for automation and industrial maintenance in Eure et Loir.

10 years later, I left my company for a research project on unconventional energies in a Scientific Research center in India, which will allow me to become an expert and speaker in renewable energies. In the process, I created a company to design and manufacture special machines for the food industry and reverse osmosis water treatment for developing countries and farmer-processors in France.

With more than 30 years of experience in the creation and management of companies in very diversified activities both national and international, I am at the origin of many projects in mechanics, hydraulics, renewable electricity and industrial IT.

Quentin Ragetly


In January 2020, I became the new CEO of OSMOSUN. After Chemical engineering studies in France and UK, I began my career in 1999 at the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) as a researcher and then in 2004 as an international production manager at BP.

In 2008, at ENGIE, I was in charge of the development of innovative subsidiaries where I cultivated an entrepreneurial approach for industrial projects related to environmental challenges: clean mobility, biogas, hydrogen, etc.

More than ever, after 25 years of professional experience, I remain driven by the development of clean industrial solutions for a sustainable future!

Titouan Garel

Process Engineer

I studied engineering with a specialization in renewable energies and automated processes, and I am in charge of R&D at OSMOSUN since 2016. I contributed to the development of the OSMOSUN range for seawater and brackish water desalination, participate in unit design, tests in our workshop, and commissioning on site.

I managed several R&D projects, such as DEMOS and ECODESS funded by ADEME, whose main research themes were the coupling between renewable energies and OSMOSUN, the development of alternatives to chemicals in the desalination process, recycling of reverse osmosis membranes and remote monitoring of OSMOSUN units.

Tristan Le Delliou

Project Director

Engineer by training and after spending several years in the energy field, I joined the OSMOSUN team in 2018 as a Project Manager. The challenge and strong values offered by OSMOSUN allow me to grow on current topics that I am passionate about such as innovation, universal access to water and electricity, resilience of populations to climate change, an international and multicultural work environment or the decentralized approach that takes into account the specificities of each territory.

In charge of project development and implementations, I drive projects from their response and contracting phase to the commissioning of the various seawater and brackish water desalination projects carried out by OSMOSUN worldwide. I also contribute to the structuring of the Projects department and to the operational and commercial development of the company.

Séverine Malgouyres

Administrative & HR Manager

After studies in international business opening me to multicultural exchanges while developing my skills in fields of activities as diversified as the creation of perfumes, the soap industry or the transport of people, I’ve made my mark by accompanying the companies in their administrative, financial, commercial, marketing and HR steps.

My education and my open-minded character have always allowed me to evolve; I’ve built my career to be an effective tool in the development of skills and useful to the company's organization.

Today, I use this range of skills at OSMOSUN in the position of Office Manager, which is enriched day by day thanks to the new challenges that I like to take up as much in team as in my personal development.

Being part of the OSMOSUN adventure was an obvious choice that gives meaning to the work: transforming salt water into drinking water for the people who need it is vital!

I’m proud to participate in this achievement by implementing all the means to support the employees on a daily basis.

Maxime Therrillion

Head of business development

With an International Business background, experiences in consulting and business development in France, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region for the telecom and sustainability sectors, I joined OSMOSUN in 2016 to support a more renewable powered water future, the solar powered desalination technology by OSMOSUN.

I strongly believe that solutions combining sustainable business practices and frugal technologies have the power to address today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Our history


Founded by Marc Vergnet and Maxime Haudebourg with the vision of providing renewable powered water for the water stressed populations of the world.


First OSMOSUN unit implemented in Abu Dhabi as part of MASDAR Renewable Energy Desalination Program The PV-SWRO desalination unit without battery demonstrated the lowest energy consumption with 2,5 KWh / m3 for an incoming salinity of 35 g / L (in competition with Veolia, Suez, and Abengoa).


First unit implemented for utilities on islands and coastal communities in Polynesia and then South Africa.


First water access through OSMOSUN Brackish Water in off grid communities in Mozambique.


First responsible water management plan of an hotel supported by the implementation of an OSMOSUN in Mauritius.


First containerized OSMOSUN Unit implemented for fast and easy setup in Oman.


First sustainable agriculture irrigation application in Cape Verde.


40+ OSMOSUN units in operation in 20+ countries development, kickstarting product diversification.


Inauguration of new industrial facilities in July. The new premises will enable us to continue to meet the water needs of our customers, whatever the number or size of the projects we undertake.


OSMOSUN goes public on the EuronextGrowth® market in Paris on July 10. It was a resounding success, with a capital increase of €10.0 million after full exercise of the Extension Clause.

We Support Their Projects

We work all over the world. We deploy water production projects within the framework of national programs, for local authorities or private clients. We are proud of the trust our clients place in us.