Standalone integrated water access point

Clean water from clean energy

Drinking water meeting WHO standard, 100% solar-powered, no battery, generating no carbon emission.

Economically sustainable

Locally maintained for low operation costs covered by prepaid water consumption.


Low investment cost with standardized turnkey solution, where water sales covers both investment and operations.

Maximize long-term impact
of infrastructure funding

With the embedded digital payment solution, water sales cashflows may recover both CAPEX and OPEX, unlocking private sector’s financing, while the remotely monitored operation and local technicians guarantee sustained water production.

All in one
solution from
the borehole
to the tap

Osmosun® taps design & features

  • Pre-treatment

    Tailored to support sustained operation.

  • Osmosun® unit

    Reverse osmosis unit producing 0,1 to 6 m3/h.

  • Storage tank &

    To sustain water quality and prevent water born diseases.

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Papagarang Island

Installation OSMOSUN® TAPS 1 BW

Among Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, water resources are unevenly distributed, leaving up to 20 million people in arid regions facing water stress.

To ensure a safe water supply for the most remote communities, our Company has partnered with Akuo Energy...

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Production capacity
of the osmosun® taps turnkey solution

Unit type Raw water
to be treated
generator (m2*)
OSMOSUN® Taps 0.2 bW Brackish water 0,2 5 5'
OSMOSUN® Taps 1 BW Brackish water 1 35 10'
OSMOSUN® Taps 2 BW Brackish water 2 45 20'
OSMOSUN® Taps 3 bw Brackish water 3 55 20
OSMOSUN® Taps 0.1 SW Seawater 0,12 5 5'
OSMOSUN® Taps 1.3 SW Seawater 1,3 55 10'

* 1 kWp is equivalent to 5 to 8 M2 depending on setup