All in one solution in a single 20 ft container

For an easy deployment and an optimized operation with minimized operating costs with no energy expenditure:

  • Combination of two industrial solutions: OSMOSUN® & MOBIL-WATT®.
  • Solar plant between 5 to 22 kWp.
  • Skid mounted reverse osmosis unit including pre & post treatment.
  • No battery or energy storage.

Autonomous water production in one single container

On site commissioning in less than 24 hours

No civil works required on site

Financing and operation

  • OSMO-WATT® is suitable for different procurement types, from purchase, rental, or activity of water supply services over short to long-term periods.
  • The networks of partners of MASCARA NT and ECOSUN offer operation and maintenance services for every region of implementation.

For mobile or
stationary use!

How does osmo-watt® work?

  • Pre-treatment

    Water intake adapted to local context.

  • Osmosun® unit

    Integrated all in one container including skid mounted reverse osmosis unit, solar generator, pre & post treatments.

  • Storage tank & post-treatment

    Water storage and distribution.

Production capacity and
main features of the osmo-watt® turnkey solution

Unit type Raw water Solar m3/day
Hybrid* m3/JR
requirement (m2)
OSMO-WATT® 1.3 SW Seawater 9 28 130
OSMO-WATT® 2.6 SW Seawater 18 56 260
OSMO-WATT® 1 BW Brackish water 5 16 70
OSMO-WATT® 3 BW Brackish water 21 65 130
OSMO-WATT® 6 BW Brackish water 42 130 260

*Hybrid mode: each unit can be connected to the grid or an alternative energy source to produce up to 24h/d and triple the water production.
NB: In remote contexts, the consumption of drinking water per person varies between 10 and 50 liters on average per day.

Osmo-watt® is a modular solution
resulting from two industrial expertise

MASCARA NT is specialized in innovative water treatment solutions powered by renewable energy.

ECOSUN is specialized in plug & play containerized solar solution.