Solution intégrée et autonome
de distribution d’eau potable


Powered by solar energy, the cheapest energy in the world


Packaged to allow air transport and set up on a trailer for an easy last-mile delivery.

Plug & play

Designed for rapid deployment and use


Adaptable to all water qualities for production per module up to 5 m3 per day.

Optimized projection capacity

The OSMOSUN® Nomad equipment are positioned within the emergency agencies' stocks to be deployed as quickly as possible from a forward base or directly to a zone prone to extreme natural events.
In order to allow for the fastest possible deployment capacity, the OSMOSUN Nomad benefits from a compact integration that simplifies the logistics of deployment: the unit can be mobilized and moved on demand.

Drinking water
for situations
of health and humanitarian crises

How does the OSMOSUN Nomad Works?

  • Universal Raw Water Intake

    The supply of the unit at low flow rates is done via existing infrastructures wells existing infrastructure (wells, boreholes) or directly with the universal direct raw water intake solution developed by OSMOSUN®.

  • Mobile unit

    The pre-treatment, the reverse osmosis unit, the post-treatment treatment unit and the solar generator are installed on the trailer.

  • Direct distribution

    The delivery of drinking water is done through the buffer storage tank directly via a tap on the trailer.