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    Mascara NT


    Espace Atlantic - Bat B16

    20 Avenue Gustave Eiffel

    28630 GELLAINVILLE, France

    The company specializes in innovative water treatment solution with the use of renewable energy. The first development phase resulted in the industrialization of OSMOSUN®, the world’s first industrial product range of seawater and brackish water solar powered desalination plants, with a daily production capacity ranging from 1 to 600m3 and up to 50 000 m3 with hybridized energy sources. For more than six years, this groundbreaking patented innovation enables communities, public utilities and private organizations from the whole world to produce affordable and sustainable fresh water with no greenhouse gas emission.

    For any other requests, whether you are a media, an academic, a school, please contact us using the chatbot that you can find on every page of the website. We will then answer you as soon as possible.