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First participation of OSMOSUN at IFAT

  2024/04/30 08:00 AM

Chartres, April 30, 2024 - OSMOSUN®, a leading provider of solar-powered solutions for the desalination of seawater and brackish water, announces its presence for the first time at IFAT 2024 in Munich, one of the most important worldwide tradeshow dedicated to environment and water technologies

IFAT is the world's leading trade fair for technologies that help preserve the environment and is the showcase for innovation in the fields of water management, wastewater treatment, waste and raw materials for municipalities and the private sector.

OSMOSUN's first participation at IFAT illustrates its ambitions

After taking part in the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum, in Tunis last February, and before the World Water Forum in Bali from May 18 to 24, OSMOSUN will exhibit at the IFAT trade fair, an opportunity to demonstrate its innovative solutions for a sustainable water resource management.

This active presence at this world's leading events dedicated to water resource management is a further sign of OSMOSUN's commitment to scale and industrialize its processes.

These meetings are key to continuing the Group's development and establishing its reputation. OSMOSUN's attendance at the Mediterranean Water Forum last February has for instance allowed to reinforce long-established business relationships, expanding the local network of customers and partners by raising brand awareness among all stakeholders in the sector, and even signing the first OSMOSUN 6 BW brackish water solar desalination plant in a tourist area on the Tunisian coast.

Sustainable and cost-effective desalination solutions

OSMOSUN®'s reverse osmosis desalination units make seawater (SW range) or brackish water (BW range) potable. Their manufacturing quality and energy efficiency are among the best in the market. OSMOSUN® freshwater production capacity ranges from 1 m3 up to 2,500 m3 per day. OSMOSUN® can design facilities up to a 20,000 m3 per day capacity by combining standard units, as well as specific treatment chains for plants producing up to 50,000 m3 per day.

The OSMOSUN® innovation relies on its power supply. Off-grid, the units operate using photovoltaic solar energy without batteries. Functioning autonomously from sunrise to sunset, they produce fresh water at a low cost in, even the most remote locations, without CO2 emissions. When connected to the grid, OSMOSUN® installations can produce water 24/7 through an intelligent hybridization of solar energy, the electrical grid, and/or other potential sources.

The OSMOSUN® process is patented and is a registered trademark.


Hall A1, Stand 423/522 B

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Founded in 2014, OSMOSUN® 's ambition is to become a leading player in the low-carbon water market in order to make drinking water accessible to all.

OSMOSUN® has developed a unique, patented, cost-effective, clean and sustainable solution for solar-powered battery-free seawater and brackish water desalination. This innovation makes OSMOSUN® units among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in the world. The water production capacities of its units range from 1 m3 to 50,000 m3 per day.

At 31 December 2023, 69 desalination units have been sold in 27 countries.

More information: OSMOSUN® | Create water where life is


Nadège Chapelin Deborah Schwartz Hélène de Watteville
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