Here is what we offer so you may benefit from
the resilience of the OSMOSUN® systems:


We assist you to develop a modular and robust system to address your water needs sustainably.


We offer a range of financial services so you can directly benefit from the affordable water production


We deliver a turnkey solution ready to supply water autonomously, even to your most isolated sites.


We provide full O&M packages to maintenance support, including long term spare parts supply

Technical specificities

From the raw water intake to the brine management, every step of any OSMOSUN® project are designed based on our expertise to be fully adapted to your local context, minimize environmental impact and optimize the economics. Recommended integrations break down as follows:

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Our references

Rodrigues Island
Mauritius Island

Installation OSMOSUN® 2,6 SW

The OSMOSUN® unit, produces 20 m3 per day powered only by solar energy, without batteries, and up to 60 m3 in hybrid mode, connected to a network during periods of high demand for drinking water.

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Our other markets

We provide sustainable and competitive water treatment solutions for a wide range of customers and applications.

Remote communities


Emergency situations



Mining industry

Base camps

Industrial activities